Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nashville Floods

The recent flooding in Nashville and other middle Tennessee cities has been devastating. Due to friends I have made in that beautiful city, I have seen many first hand pictures and videos of the devastation, yet I have not heard hardly anything from the media about it. I read this great article the other day (We Are Nashville) which helped spark a movement in the Nashville community.

Since then, I have seen all of the posts of Tennesseans helping each other in ways that could teach us all a few lessons. This is America, If we would all help each other in the way these people have the world be a much better place not just as Americans but as Human Beings.

With that being said, Nashville and the surrounding areas still need your help. Any help is appreciated. Most of these people need simple items such as tooth brushes, tooth paste etc. They are on water conservation due to the floods contaminating the water so Baby wipes is another great item.  At the bottom of this note I will post a few links to some photos and video of the devastation. I will also post links to a few sites where you can make donations as well as find out other ways you can help.

Last but not least, here is a recent post from a friend in the Nashville area. Simply Amazing people.
~So, without national news coverage, without days of hype, the people of this beautiful city are rolling up our sleeves, joining hands, and digging deep. The Channel 4 News put on an impromptu telethon last night. LOCALY ONLY mind you, and the people here donated $1.7! I have never been more proud of a community. We're not waiting for you Washington. You take your time. We have lives to rebuild. WE ARE NASHVILLE!"

If you would like to show your support by adding a We Are Nashville sticker to your profile pic Click Here

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Aerial View of Nashville Flooding